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Machine Capabilities
Manufacturing Capabilities
Thulluri Exports intends to achieve sales of $ 10 Million by 2010.  We intend to meet this goal by aggressively positioning ourselves as the best supplier in its product group with the following strategies:
Pursue high value-added programs requiring multiple operations such as grinding, broaching, hard-turning, spline
Continue to recruit, hire and train the best people in our field
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Machine Capabilities
Forging Capabilities/ Equipment
Forging Presses
10 Forging Presses with capacity of 350 Tons

Coining & Sizing
3 Coining Presses with a capacity of 350 Tons

Shearing Presses
2 Shearing presses with a capacity of Cold shearing 75mm diameter

2 Drop hammer Presses with a capacity of 2 Tons
Precision Machining Capabilities/Equipment
CNC Lathes
30 – 2 Axis Fanuc control lathes with a capacity ranging from 5mm-250mm in diameter and 400mm OAL.
6 – 3 Axis Fanuc control milling centers
4 – 4 Axis Fanuc control milling centers

Screw machines
6 – Acme Gridley screw machines ranging from 9/16” to 2 5/8” diameter capacity
8 – Single Spindle Tab Machines ranging up to 48 mm in diameter.
Secondary Machines
  • Grinding
  • Tapping
  • Thread Rolling
  • Knurling
  • X – Drilling